VIP Customer Groups on Chattie
Create private channels for your top customers.
Nurture your top spenders. Boost LTV.
Provide a personalized shopping experience.
Get valuable feedback from the ones that care most.
Here-to-stay Customers.

Give your top customers a direct line.

Give your top customrs a seat at the table, and access to your brand team.
Personalized Shopping: Drive cart values higher through white-glove shopping experiences
Increased Loyalty: Create real brand loyalty through personal relationships, and special access that other brands can't compete with.
Influencer Engagement: Let VIPs interact with key influencers and brand ambassadors.

Build customer relationships that last

Create life long customers, and brand advocates.
Brand Advocacy: VIPs often become brand advocates, promoting your products and sharing their positive experiences with others, driving organic growth.
Special Access: Give top customers access to limit release products, discounts and more.
Community: Bring customers together in a space for authentic digital connection around the brands they love.

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