This is community-led commerce

Create lively digital communities for your brand's loyal customers, with workflows fully integrated into your Shopify store.

DTC Brands 🤝 Community

Own the conversation.

Chattie makes it easy for brands to foster and engage authentically with their community, leading conversations and letting customers talk to each other about your brand and products.

Channels for anything

Make a channel for anything - whether you want to share announcements, get customer feedback, collect customer content or provide special attention to your top customers. Let customers engage with one another on the topics they and your brand care about.

Seamless Customer Content

With just a few clicks, create a channel that rewards customers for sharing content. No logistics. No 3rd parties.

VIP & Gated Channels

Create dynamically updating private channels for your top customers or other segments.

Push Notifications

Automated push notification flows that drive community activity and sales.

Built for Ecommerce Brands

Seamlessly integrated into Shopify, build workflows based on customer activity, and drive sales through

Why community?


Authenticity is a superpower

88% of customers consider how authentic a brand is when purchasing.

Authentic community is the strongest sales driver for brands in both the short and longterm. Chattie makes it easy for brands to foster, grow and put on display their vibrant community.


Organic content drives sales

80% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that features customer content on its website.

Gone are the days of highly edited content driving conversions. The highest converting way to show customers your product rocks is with organic content. With Chattie brands can easily incentivize customers to share content in a space that is actually meant for it - with no logistical headaches.


Customers want personalized shopping

72% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that provides personalized experiences.

Customers want a personalized shopping experience, even online. Chattie makes it easy for your team engage directly with customers by asking/answering questions, creating VIP groups and sharing info on what's new. Have a real conversation with your customers.


Brands are part of customers' identity

65% of Gen Z would be likely to join a customer community and actively create content for brands they buy from.

People are proud of the brands they shop and support and are eager to be a part of the community, content and team behind the products they love.

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